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Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re movie is a romantic flick.Love, Romance, Aashiqui are all different words, but for decades and centuries, the way of expressing love has always been music. Adi, is a passionate and talented singer, who believes music is God. He is sure that till he doesn't get his love he will search for it. On the other hand Ritu is a career oriented girl, who believes she won't search for her love but her love will search for her, itself.Adi has become the most promising contender of Indian Icon, the most popular singing reality show. It is just not his great singing skills but also his witty humor and cool looks that made him a blue eyed boy in the eyes of Producer Esha and a heartthrob favorite of India.One fine day on his flight to Mumbai from Delhi, Adi is mesmerized by Ritu, a beautiful girl from Agra. The brisk and witty encounter created spark between them. Though Ritu was a bit agitated in the beginning, but during the journey, she finds Adi as a charmer and falls for him. Soon she discovers about his stardom and starts loving him even more for his grounded attitude. Small musical and naughty concurrences between them made their love affair stronger which was completely intolerable by Esha. She believed money and success can bring any guy to her. She always wanted to have Adi with herself for lust and not for love.At Adi's Birthday party, Ritu find Adi & Esha kissing, that moment broke her and a wall of misunderstanding grew between their love. After the incident, Ritu brakes up in front of her roommates, seeing her true love.


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